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Fabulous Fashion that Flatters and Fits
Fabulous Fashion That Flatters and Fits

Garments and Tailored Design
If, like me you are not a size 6, and may be different sizes in different places, have you too been frustrated when out clothes shopping?
I have been sewing for over twenty years, but only as a result of recently doing a fashion design course did I realise how much need there was for adapting 'off the peg' clothes, or designing perfectly fitting garments from scratch.
So after much badgering by friends and family, I decided to help others make the most of their wardrobes.
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Or Make It Yourself

If money is a little tighter, wouldn't it be fabulous to be able to make your own amazing designs from scraps of fabric? This could be anything from cushions to ball gowns. 
If you are interested in learning sewing from scratch, or just want to get some specific 'tricks of the trade', then click on the 'Services' Tab above to find out more.